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September 19, 2019 AgentImage
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From tacos to sombreros, much of Mexico’s rich history and cultural roots have been shared and popularized across many different countries around the globe, but one of our favorite Mexican influences has recently taken center stage—and with good reason. You’re probably familiar with Tequila and Mezcal, but when it comes to Mexican drinks, those are really just the tip of the iceberg; there’s much more here often overlooked, until now that is. That’s right—we’re talking about agave!

The heart of the Agave is the main ingredient for the distilling process.

For centuries, indigenous peoples of Mexico have been using and experimenting with agave for everything from tools, fibre to ceremonies. With a little help from the agave goddess Mayahuel, the fermented drink Pulque was eventually born, which we often describe as a cross between kombucha and beer. Thanks to time and exposure to other cultures, the low-alcohol agave-rooted beverage pulque evolved into a variety of distilled spirits—all of which are as distinguished (and delicious) as the region from which they came.

Ryan explains the techniques and origins of Agave spirits at Rancho Poco a Poco in Sayulita.

So, what do all these different Mexican drinks actually taste like going down? We set out to answer those burning questions (hopefully without burning our livers). At Rancho Poco a Poco in Sayulita, we sat down with Mezcalidad—a unique service that travels to your personal home or villa and conducts tastings from a private, curated collection hand-selected from all over Mexico.

Each Agave spirit has its own distinct flavor due to distilling methods, Agave species, and cultivation zone.

Besides a variety of packages and price points, the focus is the same—agave spirits. We selected the Destilados de Mexico package, which is essentially a journey through the different agave regions along with a historical background of Mexico’s maguey-based spirits. During our 90-minute tasting session, we tasted Mezcal, Tequila, Raicilla, and Sotol step by step, all along with the truly educational background of each spirit and its region.

It goes without saying (or tasting), the session was amazing, and we can’t recommend them enough for a cultural, buzzworthy experience.

Check out @mezcalidad on Instagram for more information and to book your own private tasting party with Ryan. You can also email him directly at [email protected]

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