Provide fully transparent, stress-free real estate experiences for both our buying and selling clients.


A team of AMPI* accredited real estate professionals comprised of Mexican Nationals or Expats who have relocated, bought, invested, renovated, rented and managed properties in the gorgeous, coastal regions of Nayarit, Mexico.

Passionate about our work, and selective about whom we choose to take on as clients, we approach every interaction with an eye for quality – not quantity. The specialized attention we provide our clients limits the number of people we are able to work with directly. And, we like it that way. We love working with people who are dedicated to learning everything they can about their investment and new life in Mexico. People who are then committed to improving their communities through sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives.

We know that everyone’s needs, desires and budgets are vastly unique. One Casa does not fit all. As such, everything we do must unquestionably represent the best interests of each client. We won’t ever try to sell you on a property that isn’t your perfect fit.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect plot of land on which to build your dream home, looking to sell your existing home to upgrade to something different, or just want someone to help you manage and profit from your investment, we are here for you every step of the way and come armed with the most experienced network of Attorneys, Notarios, Escrow Agents, Bankers, Architects, Builders & Property Managers to help fulfill your dreams.

We deliver through experience!

*For more on AMPI, see here.


Lucas Daniels, Founder of Pacifico Propert


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Personable, direct and honest, Pacifico Property’s founder, Lucas Daniels, has been visiting and living in Sayulita, Nayarit for more than 23 years. Having witnessed first-hand Sayulita’s ‘discovery’ and rapid growth, he is uniquely acquainted with the current and emerging trends in property ownership and development in the Riviera Nayarit, and knows the true value of the investments his clients are making.

In his previous life in Colorado, Lucas built up an impressive career as a contractor and builder; skills which come in very handy for his real estate clients and those looking to renovate or develop land in the area.

Having overseen several design, development, and renovation projects in the area he has a wealth of expertise in how to get work done quickly, efficiently and on budget in Mexico. Lucas and his family live full time just outside of Sayulita on a small ranchito. When not surfing, he can be found dreaming up his next venture at his acreage in nearby Mascota.

Jason Hevesy, Pacifico Propert


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Jason has been visiting Bahia de Banderas, for the past 20+ years. With a background in business development and business ownership in commercial real estate, his entrepreneurial restlessness found him seeking out fresh opportunities.

A Canadian at heart having lived in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and the Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia, he has developed an astute eye for real estate investment opportunities. Time to expose his family to a rich and unique cultural experience that is the Riviera Nayarit, they packed up and drove 4,400kms south and now call Sayulita home.

When it comes to real estate Jason tries to keep the emotions in check, approaching each property from an analytic, not personal, perspective and will help you find the best return for your investment dollars, while calling it the vacation or retirement home of your dreams! And, if you want to go surf fishing, just let him know. He’d be happy to show you some remote beaches.

Clint, Pacifico Property real estate agent


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Clint, his wife, three children and two dogs, relocated to Riviera Nayarit permanently in 2014. Before making this life changing move, Clint practiced law in California and Idaho, specializing in real estate transactions and litigation. Clint and his family now reside in Higuera Blanca, just outside of Litibu.

Clint’s legal background, in conjunction with his tremendous pulse on Higuera Blanca and Litibu real estate investment opportunities, provides clients with a unique perspective on a hidden Riviera Nayarit gem on the cusp of an incredible transformation. Clint also owns and operates Litigoo – his local surf wax company. In his downtime, Clint can be found spending quality time with family and surfing.



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When Jason took a year-long sabbatical from his London IT management job and hopped on a plane to Mexico, he planned to just spend a year in Sayulita with his family. But the beaches and laid-back lifestyle of Nayarit proved too hard to leave behind and four years later, he is here permanently.

Living just a few feet from the ocean in Punta Negra, he has a solid first-hand understanding of the area’s unique real estate market and is well placed to give sound advice on getting settled here. When he’s not working, Jason can be found riding horses (English Style) at the local ranch or surfing at the many great breaks nearby.



Contact Ryan

Ryan joins us from San Francisco, California where he worked in International Marketing as a Project Manager for some of the biggest tech and lifestyle companies in the world. As completely rewarding as that was, and truly formative in early career years, it commanded a tremendous amount of time. Quantity was overtaking Quality.

Having travelled the world, living and working in many unique and exciting environments, change was no foreign concept to Ryan. More and more he enjoyed downtime in Mexico. Yearning for a change of pace, and no stranger to living abroad, Ryan decided to shake things up, relocate his family, and purchase a home in the charming surf village of San Pancho. The allure of Riviera Nayarits’ offerings proved too hard to resist and he decided to lay down roots permanently in Mexico.

His unique perspective and infectious passion for everything Nayarit has been contagious. He has helped numerous friends and colleague navigate the sometimes intimidating nuances of real estate here. That led to many referrals and he soon found himself a seasoned relocation expert, well versed in Nayarit’s real estate landscape. Ryan presents a refreshingly calm yet knowledgable approach to real estate. If San Pancho is on your real estate radar, Ryan is your Pacifico Property expert of choice!



Contact Gabbi

Gabbi Villarrubia was born in Argentina, raised in California, and found his bohemian heart in México when he and his wife landed in Sayulita over 20 years ago.  Now a Mexican citizen, Gabbi has lived year-round in Sayulita for over 13 years. He finds joy in sharing his love of México’s Riviera Nayarit with others via Real Estate, Property Management and Vacation Rentals as well as co-founding such community efforts as Festival Sayulita and El Centro Creativo de Sayulita. A Development Director, Producer and General Manager in both Animated Film and Video Games for over 12 years, Gabbi’s Management skills have perfectly applied to the unique challenges of living, working, and developing in México.

Gabbi and his wife have 2 beautiful kids that were born in Sayulita, and live in the home they built in the heart of town. They live their “Dream Life” every day, never taking for granted what México offers them and their wonderful friends and clients.

Amy, Interior Designer for Pacifico Property Group


Contact Eddie

Eduardo “Eddie” is a California native born in Indio. He grew up persistently exposed to real estate design and development through his father, a renowned custom home Architect in the greater Palm Springs area. From floor plans, to job sites, to finished product & open houses, real estate seamed an obvious pursuit.

An entrepreneur at heart with a passion for business, Eddie first decided to open a business of his own and, from the ground up, built a sneaker boutique & clothing store which he started at 19 and owned & operated for 6 years.Then, drawn to reconnect with his heritage & roots in Mexico, Eddie found himself torn by two worlds. Ultimately He closed up shop & went exploring. His journey started by traveling extensively which exposed him to numerous countries, cultures & experiences globally, and finally leading him to the sunny tropical paradise of Sayulita.

Eddie is not only bilingual, but a dual citizen, and now calls Sayulita home. Having just completed his A.M.P.I. accreditation, his passion now lies in exploring the greater Nayarit region and pursuing a variety of real estate and development opportunities. With a creative eye for design and infectious energy, Eddie is a welcome addition to the Pacifico Property team and a true professional you can trust to make your real estate transaction a smooth one. Eddie also keeps busy as the new owner of Mexitreks – a local, Sayulita Eco Adventure tour company.

Amy, Interior Designer for Pacifico Property Group


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Raquel, born and raised in Mexico City, was educated in Secretarial Technical Studies, then expanded into a Computer Science Career. Eight years ago Raquel visited Bahia de Banderas with her family and, like so many before her, fell in love with this magical place. It didn’t take long to relocate to the Sayulita area. She has compiled 10 years of experience as a Management Assistant, heavily focussed in Real Estate.

Now she is expanding her education by taking Real Estate courses and has found her passion for helping people settle into paradise by ensuring every last detail is formalized. At Pacifico Property, Raquel is a valued team member with a strong link to our Legal, Accounting, and AMPI partnerships. When not consumed by contractual details, she spends a considerable part of her downtime performing volunteer work for a global organization and hiking any gorgeous vista she can find.

Amy, Interior Designer for Pacifico Property Group


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Our exclusive interior design consultant, Amy has been visiting Nayarit for over 15 years and has called Sayulita home for the past 5. Fully bilingual, she has traveled extensively throughout Mexico having built countless sources for unique furniture, tile, lighting, fabric and other custom, distinctive designs.

For a sample of Amy’s recent work, visit our Vacation Rentals, as she personally managed the renovation and design of these gorgeous properties (Tocayo & Palmar). We consult Amy on a very select basis for clients to draw on her expertise in fulfilling their property vision.


What is AMPI? Why is the Pacifico Property Team AMPI accredited?

And what does it mean for you - our valued clients looking to buy and / or sell property in Riviera Nayarit?

A.M.P.I. stands for - Asociacion Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios. Or, Mexican Association of Professional Realtors.

AMPI is a non-governmental, non-profit association that has evolved since its inception in 1956. AMPI advances through the vision of its different Members, and Board of Advisors, with the single initiative of professionalizing the Real Estate Industry in Mexico and enacting a standard code of conducts, ethics and values.

Each member Realtor must take an exhaustive program and pass a final exam as administered by AMPI. Thereafter, each AMPI accredited Realtor, must maintain their certification annually.

NOTE however, unlike the U.S. and Canada, accreditation by a governing body (like AMPI) is not mandatory to conduct activity as a Realtor in Mexico. As such, you will encounter many Realtors in Mexico who choose not to join AMPI.

What does this mean for you as a client of Pacifico Property? We choose to heighten our credibility and mandate all Pacifico Property Realtors become AMPI accredited and maintain their annual certification. In addition, ONLY AMPI accredited Realtors have access to MLS Listings. This provides our Sellers with a much broader reach throughout Riviera Nayarit to a vast, proven network of Realtors in an effort to sell their home quickly and for top dollar. For our buyers, it extends our reach and inventory of properties at our disposal to better suit your needs.

If you are involved in any Real Estate transaction in Mexico, be sure to ask your agent for their AMPI registration card. This will give you peace of mind you are dealing with a knowledgeable, professional agent, that conducts business within the highest ethical standards in the industry.

To View all of the MLS Listings as brought to you buy a vast network of professional, AMPI accredited Realtors, search here: MLS Property Search


Grab Your Free Buyer's Guide

With a step-by-step breakdown of everything you NEED TO KNOW when purchasing a home in Mexico.

Grab Your Free Buyer's Guide

With a step-by-step breakdown of everything you NEED TO KNOW when purchasing a home in Mexico.

Grab Your Free Buyer's Guide

With a step-by-step breakdown of everything you NEED TO KNOW when purchasing a home in Mexico.